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Waterbridge is a water warfare team operating in Ridgewood, NJ, which was founded in 2003. It is under the joint command of Founders Belisaurius and Guderian. As the 6th Combat Season approaches, Waterbridge is looking to recruit new members and improve the team arsenal. More information on this will be forthcoming.

Team Statistics and Analysis

Statistics concerning the performance of Waterbridge units in battles from 2004 have recently been compiled by our enemies, the Ridgewood Militia. Since the founding of the RM in 2003, Waterbridge has lost or tied all but two battles: The Second Battle of Ridgewood, and the Battle of the Fallen Limbs. In order to reverse this trend, it is crucial that Waterbridge analyze these statistics when considering how to approach the Sixth Season. As time allows, more statistics will be posted for consideration.

In total, points scored since the First Battle of Ridgewood come to: 


Waterbridge - 45.5

The Ridgewood Militia - 85.5 


Waterbridge Fielded Forces Average - 4

Waterbridge Fielded Forces Maximum - 9

Waterbridge Fielded Forces Minimum - 1

Waterbridge Total Victories From 2003 - 2 

News From the Front

February 24, 2007 - The site was updated today and old information will be reposted as soon as possible.

Snowy conditions have prevented a battlefield survey in preparation for the start of the 6th Combat Season. Additionally, all former Hydrotactics pages have been upgraded and former documents will be available as time allows for their uploading.

 Waterbridge will come to victory in this season! Whatever the Ridgewood Militia may use against us, it is important for all members to know that there is always a way to defeat them. 

The Battle of the Fallen Limbs

As one of the only victories against RM forces, the Battle of the Fallen Limbs is important to consider when considering how to approach the Sixth Season. A full war story will be posted when time allows.

Squad Logistics

Waterbridge has faced chronic weapons and persons shortages throughout its 6 year history. In order to avoid a logistical problem in the coming season, logistical needs will be posted herein.
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